I'm teaching pedagogy!

2 min read.

I’m very excited to be teaching the Math department’s Pedagogy course this year! I took the Pedagogy course during my first year. Since then I have put that knowledge to good use as an instructor four times and have grown as both an instructor and student. While I’m still improving and growing as an instructor, I’m looking forward to spending this time explicitly reviewing mathematical pedagogy and discussing it with others.

This year there are 4 incoming math PhDs (a pretty standard size here) and I’m running the class virtually. We have a weekly meeting with readings to be done beforehand. There’s a list of really great articles that has been curated throughout the years of this course being taught, but there are are some great recent articles that I’m planning to use.

One that I’ve recently come across and am reflecting on heavily is Frederico Ardilo’s article “First day of class”. This is going to be our next reading assignment and I’m curious what the students will have to say about it. Hopefully they won’t be too disappointed that I didn’t bring a turntable to our first meeting.