As a graduate student I had a number of great opportunities to teach and mentor students. Below are the list of courses I’ve taught and TAed, as well as the Direct Reading Programs I was lucky enough to mentor!

Courses Taught at Wesleyan University

Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Duties

Mentoring (Directed Reading Program)

In the Fall of 2018 Lisa Kaylor, Noelle Sawyer, and myself with Felipe Ramírez as our faculty mentor began the Directed Reading Program (DRP) at Wesleyan University. There will be a post explaining what DRP is and how it started. For the time being, Noelle has a really nice explanation of the program and her first semester as a mentor here. Also, the Wesleyan Chapter’s DRP website can be found here.

Below is a list of the readings I have mentored:

If you’re interested in learning math on your own, like mind maps, but don’t know where to start, I highly recommend giving Learn Anything a look. It is a fully open source search engine, so you can also contribute back to the project. It also has mindmaps for a number of other subjects.

Another great resource for understanding different topics is Khan Academy. It covers a wide range of material from Early Math to Calculus. Their YouTube Channel is also a great help.

If instead you prefer perusing notes that work you through examples give Paul’s Online Math Notes a look!