Hello World, again

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So I’ve redone this blog, again. Last time I did this I was learning how to play with NodeJS. There were some serious design flaws with that implementation; mainly due to the fact that I didn’t really know how I wanted to use it. However, it gave me some practice with NodeJS and I had a bunch of fun.

This time I have a better idea of how I wanted this to work (and I wanted to see how great Jekyll actually was; so far it’s as cool as I thought).

Thankfully my past self was smart enough to write my posts/etc in Markdown so transporting it over to Jekyll was exceptionally easy. The Jekyll/GitHub Pages transition aside from that was a very enjoyable experience.

I just finished my first year of my Math PhD program so I’m taking some time off. Once that’s over I plan to write up some of my upcoming Reading Course work (to get ideas down on “paper”) and some of my writings for side reading.